PBS program “Now” features Kiribati, effects of sea level rise

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Just this week, a top UN official predicted that by the middle of this
century, the world should expect six million people a year to be
displaced by increasingly severe storms and floods caused by climate
change. But for many island nations in the South Pacific, climate
change is already more than just a theory–it is a pressing, menacing
reality. These small, low-lying islands are frighteningly vulnerable to
rising temperatures and sea levels that could cause flooding and
contaminate their fresh water wells. Within 50 years, some of them
could be under water.

This week, NOW travels to the nation of Kiribati to see up close how
these changes affect residents’ daily lives and how they are dealing
with the reality that both their land and culture could disappear from
the Earth. We also travel to New Zealand to visit an I-Kiribati
community that has already left its home, and to the Pacific Island
Forum in Niue to see how the rest of the region is coping with the
here-and-now crisis of climate change.
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