Small Pacific Islands Plead For Carbon Cuts Before They Are Swallowed By The Sea

From AP’s

CAIRNS, Australia — A group of tiny Pacific Island countries
appealed to the world Wednesday to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 45
percent to help save them from rising seas.

The seven nations, whose coral atolls rise just a few yards (meters)
above sea level, urged rich nations to make the cut in their polluting
emissions by 2020.

“As you drive along the roads along
the coast, you will see coconut trees in the water – that’s an
indication of the sea level rise” in Tuvalu, Prime Minister Edward
Natapei told reporters Wednesday at the annual summit of South Pacific
leaders. At least one village has been abandoned, he said.

The seven countries, part of the 16-member Pacific Islands Forum,
said in a statement they are worried about the “serious and growing
threat posed by climate change to the economic, social, cultural and
environmental well-being and security” of their populations.

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