Attend flash mob movie event “Age of Stupid”

This is a global wake up call on Climate Change
this is a map of the theaters hosting the events.
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AVAAZ Global Wake Up Call

The Global Wake-Up Call Is here!

On 21 September 2009, at more
than 2200 events in 128 countries across the globe, an unstoppable
global movement is issuing a wake-up call to world leaders on climate
change! Call our leader now–you
can select your country from the list at left, and the numbers will
appear. Be polite but firm; leave a message urging your leader to
travel to Copenhagen for the climate talks in December and sign a fair,
ambitious, and binding climate treaty!

If you went to an event, post a note about it below, and email photos or video to (or upload here). And if you make a phone call–post a message below about who you called and what happened. If you keep getting a busy signal, that’s a good sign: it means our global wake-up calls are flooding the lines, and our message is getting

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