University of Arizona alarming Sea Level Rise study

From the University of Arizona
and thanks to Rolph Payet:

A 1-meter increase in sea level doesn’t sound like much.
But the 3.3-foot rise would be enough to flood 90 percent of New Orleans, 33 percent of Virginia Beach, Va., and 18 percent of Miami, according to scientists.
With the release of a University of Arizona-led study earlier this week, evidence continues to mount that the polar ice sheets are melting at a rate that could profoundly affect coastal regions unless greenhouse gases are reduced worldwide, scientists say.
“Sometime before the end of this century, we will cross that critical threshold where the Earth will be committed to 4, possibly more, meters (13.2 feet) of sea-level rise that could occur at a rate as high as a meter per century,” said Jonathan Overpeck, a UA professor and atmospheric scientist.
He and other scientists aren’t certain when that point will be reached, but he believes it could be in the middle of this century.