When Beer and Natural Gas collide

What happens when Oil and Gas companies contaminate the Water that Brewers rely on for their Beer in the State of Colorado?
What happens after the citizens of the towns with those Beers (Da’ Beers!) passed ballot initiatives to protect their towns?
What happens these towns are sued to force Fracking against their will and their best interests?
Find out when the Beer lovers of this great state (more Microbrews per capita in the Union)
come together for the Frack Free Brew Festival on Sunday August 25th 2013 at the Boulder Bandshell Amphitheater – at the heart of the University of Colorado’s campus.
When planning the festival back this winter, be based it on the Reinheitsgebot or the German Beer Purity law of 1516.
In May, the Brauer Bund, or German Beer Brewing Union warned Chancellor Angela Merkel that Fracking could ruin the Beer industry.
And this summer, 26 Brewers asked Governor Hickenlooper to strengthen regulations on Fracking, after a fracking spill of Benzene in the rivers of Western Colorado
and the Governor is responding….
One Brewer told me he is all for jobs for people in the Oil and Gas industry, but at the same time if their job drilling is going to take away his job brewing beer, then he has to draw a line.
And the current form of Fracking that pollutes water has only been around since 2005, while Brewing Beer has been around for 5000 years and is venerated in almost every culture.
So now, together Breweries, Bands and the People are coming together
to send a message – Save Our Beers!
And this is just the Beginning of the Frack Free Brew Tour.….