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Wade M. Norris

Environmentalist, activist, sailor, festival & event producer, fundraiser, rock band singer, documentarian, politico, filmmaker, podcaster, therapist/counselor, and writer are among the many titles Wade M. Norris has held throughout the years. But above all, he is an empath and passionate human being first.

Since the summer of 2008 he has been a strong advocate for Pacific Islanders and indigenous people living on low-lying islands across the globe. He has covered their plight and served as a voice for those who are being hit the hardest by the effects of climate change and sea level rise, yet, they have the least to do with it. 

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Antarctic has ‘switched’ now in Rapid destabilization and melt

  From the Christian Science Monitor  As Antarctica’s ice shelves collapse, the glaciers they buttress will contribute to sea level rise. Currently, the glaciers in the study, which lie along 500 miles of the southern Antarctic Peninsula coast, are losing some 56 billion tons of ice a year to the ocean, according to the new study. The losses began suddenly

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M.I.T. Solar Machine turns salty water to freshwater

By Joby Warrick of the Washington Post The American engineers who traveled to rural India two years ago believed they were going to help poor villagers get rid of microbes in their drinking water. But soon after their arrival, they began hearing about a different problem: salt. “People kept talking about the salt in the water,” recalled Natasha Wright, a

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Birth of the divestment from fossil fuels

There is a lot of news about Colorado lately, but I bet this story is still under the radar. I interviewed John Powers who is the founder and visionary for the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado and found out that the idea of Divestment from University Portfolios from Fossil Fuels was birthed at a place made to find Energy solutions, the

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Insurance co suing Chicago municipalities for flood damage

While the jury still be out on public opinion on Climate Change, in the Risk and Insurance industry, the verdict is coming in quickly. It began in 2010 when State Farm said it would no longer write or renew insurance policies on North Carolina’s barrier islands a.k.a the Outer Banks. Now as of May 2014, the Insurance companies have gone

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Hawaii Homeowners losing homes

From Huffington Post Rocky Point, a small neighborhood on the famed north shore of Oahu, is scrambling as yards, decks and even jacuzzis are being pulled out to sea. “The deck that was out front of the house fell off Thursday night,” homeowner Greg Quinn told KITV, “and it began undermining the foundation of the house.” The excessive erosion is

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